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  You have accessed this online form through the University of Montana's Information Technology Interactive Media web pages. You can make several requests through this form (including iTunesU course pages and Camtasia Relay profiles). To ensure that you get the kind of account you wish we ask several questions below. If you need further help understanding any of the specifications, please call Janet at 243-5452 or Adam at 243-4875 for clarification, or finish the survey, submit it and then give us a call to clarify.
Camtasia Relay allows you to create screencasts (small videos of the computer screen and narration) for UM instructional use. The screencasts, recordings, can be viewed in iTunesU, through an online course, through web page links, etc. (We'll cover that more in a few questions.)
An iTunesU course page is linked to your CRN numbers so that only your students can view your screen (video) or podcasts (audio) or digitized videos. These recordings can be created in many ways - including the Camtasia Relay product referred to in this form. However, a Camtasia Relay profile is not needed for an iTunesU course page.
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 If you have questions call: Adam Carroll at 243-4875, Randy Gottfried at 243-2857 or Janet Sedgley at 243-5452